volume-add on hammer root fs panic

Johannes Hofmann johannes.hofmann at gmx.de
Sun Sep 26 00:39:20 PDT 2010

Matthew Dillon <dillon at apollo.backplane.com> wrote:
> :Hm, what I'd like to know is whether it also happens on umount of the
> :expanded filesystem or only when you reboot. I don't know much about
> :devfs and how it could be related to this problem at all, but Matt
> :applied some devfs fixes recently, maybe just try again with the latest
> :code, even so I think it is completely unrelated.
> :
> :Matt, do you have an idea what the origin of this bug could be?
> :
> :Regards,
> :
> :  Michael
>    I will have to set up some partitions and try to reproduce it.

I have it reproduced in a vkernel on leaf.
Basically I made two img files, newfsed one as hammer, cpduped / onto
it and started the vkernel with that hammer fs as root.
Then I did volume-add to add the second img file.
On reboot there was the panic.
With volume-del I can get things back and do the test again.


PS: Just an umount with a non-root hammer fs didn't trigger the panic.

>                                        -Matt
>                                        Matthew Dillon 
>                                        <dillon at backplane.com>

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