openjdk statii

Chris Turner c.turner at
Tue Sep 28 23:38:33 PDT 2010

Ok - who's got the scoop here?

after patching the makefiles to use the pre-existing DF
bootstrap, building latest Q1 on i386/2.6 fails -
something about 'platform not supported' -
found as many refs as I could in the sources -
but thinking this is now something in the binary distributed
which - 'file' shows as built on 2.0

so - question is - how did we get the bootstrap jdk?
and what broke in the meantime?
this appears to be related to the files in question:

( & )
but - supposedly this can be skipped in the build config -
(didn't find that knob - but giving up for responses here before I proceed)
"I did not integrate the new java.nio.sctp package. There is no SCTP 
support in OpenBSD or FreeBSD 6.x (not sure about NetBSD or OS X). I 
removed nio subdir from jdk/make/com/sun/Makefile so the java.nio.sctp 
package package is completely skipped."

suppose I'll try rolling back the makefiles to find the prob.. but
any insights welcome..

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