HEADS UP - 4th loader replaced and /boot structure changed

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Sep 1 01:01:56 PDT 2010

    Today's master has some major changes to the /boot structure:

    * Kernels and modules are no longer installed in /boot/kernel and
      /boot/modules.  Instead /boot/kernel is a directory and the kernel
      and modules are installed in that directory, similar to FreeBSD.

      This allows us to multi-boot different kernels each with their
      own set of modules, avoiding problems when old modules become
      incompatible with new kernels.

      In addition a loader.conf may be placed in each directory for
      localization... for example, allowing a different root volume
      to be specified and thus making it possible to boot a 32 or 64 bit
      kernel via the menu system.

    * The FICL 4th loader/menu has been ripped out.  Making it work
      properly with the new directory structure exceeded my maximum
      frustration level.

      I wrote a new menu system in C from scratch called dloader.  It's
      basically a new frontend to the boot/common code that is already
      supporting the boot system.  We can expand it as needed.

    * The installkernel target will refuse to install if you have not
      updated your /boot via a build/installworld or a recompilation
      and install of /usr/src/sys/boot (be sure to make clean before
      recompiling it!).  This is because the old boot loader will get
      rather confused from the new directory structure.


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