More Howtos in site

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Thu Oct 28 02:32:56 PDT 2010


* Siju George wrote:
> Do you mean i should stop editing the dragonfly wiki?

No :)  Your misinterpreted my posting.

I just want to prevent that a lot of content accumulates in the wiki
which becomes outdated over time.  A lot of people created wiki pages in
the past (just have a look at the documentation section) which are
outdated or worse, wrong  now.  People tend to write up things and then
forget about them, leave the project etc.  Thus we end up with dozens of
outdated documents in the official wiki. And as a conclusion, this leads
to confusion ("the content is wrong", "which of the 3 documents is the
actual one?") as seen in the recent past.

If you want to stay active in a sustainable manner, i.e. continuing to
adapt your documents to changes etc over time, you're more than welcome!



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