pkgsrc and 2.8

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Oct 19 10:29:57 PDT 2010

:On 18.10.10 23:33, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     Hmm.  It looks like a CVS dollar expansion issue.  The patch itself
:>     is just fine but the CVS dollar expansion doesn't get mirrored
:>     properly because it isn't actually in the cvs repo (it's adjusted on
:>     checkout).
:When calculating checksums for patches, CVS ID lines are greped out for
:obvious reasons. So, this shouldn't be an issue.
:Hasso Tepper

    Hmm.  Ok, we'll see if it gets cleaned up when my revised script
    finishes running.  Basically I am running fromcvs/togit but then
    doing a separate pass on the branches we care about (master, 2010Q*)
    which physically compares the cvs checked out files against the git
    checked out files and does a rollup commit to the git repo to fix
    anything that was missed.

    It would go faster but syncing the NetBSD CVS repo takes forever...
    the cvsup has been running for 5 hours now and still isn't done.
    I will switch to csup once this run is finished to see if csup
    goes any faster.

    This still won't be perfect, since the $ expansions in the CVS repo
    for any given revision contain the previous revision/info and not the
    current revision/info.  Thus the $ expansions will always be wrong in
    the git repo.  I can't commit the correct $ expansions to the git repo
    because that will blow up fromcvs/togit (its attempt to merge new
    revs will fail).... all because CVS edits $ expansions on checkout
    instead of on commit.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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