pkgsrc and 2.8

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Oct 17 22:47:14 PDT 2010

:> :The 2010Q3 release of pkgsrc has been branched - how close are we to
:> :branching DragonFly 2.8?  I'd like to get both building for the pkgsrc
:> :binaries.
:Can we please get KDE 4 to some sort of semi-usable state? There has been
:patches(process states) waiting to get in pkgsrc(i think from Hasso?) for
:about a year now, but I remember with KDE workspace/base >= 4.4 there has
:been other issues with missing headers and some functions not being
:declared in system headers that I was really clueless/didn't have time to
:research to implement, but for someone else it may be 5 minute job.

    The status on our pkgsrc mirror is that it appears to be fairly stable.
    It has been slurping the updates from NetBSD on a 6-hour interval with
    no problems.

    This means that I think we can safely create dragonfly-specific branches
    relative to the netbsd branches and build our pkgsrc based on those
    branches instead of the netbsd branches.

    Of course, the idea is to get everything into pkgsrc proper but having
    a local branch will give us the ability to consolidate and maintain
    patches that haven't yet gotten to pkgsrc proper.

    My suggestion is that we create a dragonfly-2010Q3 to complement
    the netbsd pkgsrc-2010Q3 branch.  I can auto-merge into it from
    pkgsrc-2010Q3 as part of the mirroring operation.

    If we are going to do this, NOW is the time.  Comments?

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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