pkgsrc release build status

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Sun Oct 24 20:53:40 PDT 2010

The 2.8 and 2.9 i386 builds are at 7637 of 10381 and 6914 of 10381.  They
we slowed down a bit because both stopped when building multimedia/totem;
something during compilation stops and never comes back.  I put a bogus
line in the totem makefile so it wouldn't try building and continued.

The x86_64 builds are complete and uploaded as I mentioned before, though
pango didn't build.  I applied the fix as pointed out to me; it worked on
pkgbox64, where I'm building for 2.9.  That's at package 9306 of 10381; it
should be done very soon.  I'll apply the fix to the x86_64 2.8 system and
rebuild; that should also go quickly.

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