More pf work

Jan Lentfer Jan.Lentfer at
Wed Nov 17 15:13:32 PST 2010

Am 17.11.2010 23:39, schrieb Jan Lentfer:
I could track down the panic as far as line 2113 of pf_table.c

pfr_setflags_ktable(kt, kt->pfrkt_flags&~PFR_TFLAG_REFERENCED);
I tracked it down further to this code snippet in pf_table.c:

    752         if (kt->pfrkt_ip4 != NULL)
    753                 if (kt->pfrkt_ip4->rnh_walktree(kt->pfrkt_ip4, 
pfr_walktree, &w))
    754                         kprintf("pfr_enqueue_addrs: IPv4 
walktree failed.\n");

Dunno what's wrong there ?!?


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