Pkgsrc bulk mailing list?

Chris Turner c.turner at
Thu Nov 4 11:17:20 PDT 2010

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
Would having a mailing list for this be useful to people?
personally, my vote would be a 'pkg@' with:

- bulk logs
- df-local repo git commits
- any other 'porting discussion'
perhaps that might be a bit congested - somehow I don't think so -
but it gets a bit convoluted to have too many more lists
don't see why any bulk logs couldn't be cross posted if
us + netbsd/pkgsrc ppl don't care -
seems like that's good information for 2 places -
* df 'end users' are more concerned with df specific things -
* nb/pkgsrc ppl would be more concerned with portability /
  getting our patches 'correct' and to the right place
  (e.g. pkgsrc tree or upstream)
df 'developer types' would likely be interested in both

has anyone talked to the-usual-pkgsrc-suspects?


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