virtio Device testing

Abhishek Srivastava asrivas.dfly at
Sat May 22 23:06:27 PDT 2010

>     'make clean' should clean the temporary files out of the directory
>     for you, have you tried that?
Yes and that is when it complains about broken links. The source
directory is exported through NFS to the VM so maybe when it goes down,
the links break. I was just wondering why the links are created in the
first place, even though the module code resides in the sys/dev
directory ... 

>     If you would like a account to make it easier
>     to put materials up for other developers to play with / test you
>     can send your desired username and ssh public key to me via private
>     email.

Thanks Matt. When I do reach a somewhat critical mass (in terms of
code), I will request you for it :)


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