[PATCH] firmware module loading issue

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon May 17 07:34:39 PDT 2010

:I've run into an issue while porting if_wpi from FreeBSD.  I am
:hitting the KKASSERT at line 441 in sys/kern/link_elf.c.  I've been
:using the following hack to work around the issue but want to get
:other's input regarding a more robust solution.  So my question is
:what do you all think I should do here?
:On a side note I have observed but not tracked down a problem with the
:firmware API where the module containing the firmware is not
:automatically loaded.  This seems to be an issue on my FreeBSD laptop
:as well so any solution will be forward to them as well.
:I hope to have if_wpi in our tree by the end of the week.  Once that
:is done I'll start working on if_rum since I also have that hardware.

    See if assigning p to &proc0 fixes the problem.  Creating a
    p_dummy has a billion issues.


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