HEADS UP: I/O scheduler (dsched) now in master

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Mon Apr 19 11:04:25 PDT 2010

Alex Hornung wrote:

Eventually I'll rename ionice to ioprio; it should make more sense to
people. Anyways, thanks for the reminder. Oh, and if anyone else with a
commit bit feels like it, just go ahead and do the rename :)
I'm still of the opinion that having a tool that resembles "idprio" and 
"rtprio" that closely having the exact opposite semantics is a really 
bad idea.  People *will* forget which is what, and mess it up, 
especially users that are new to the whole Unix thing.

(I would still prefer that it works exactly as "nice" with no surprises, 
negative levels and all, but a different name would hopefully serve to 
remind users that the two really are different.)

- Chris [1]

. . [1] text heavily borrowed from magnus

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