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Sun Apr 18 15:26:01 PDT 2010

MySQL sysbench ==================================
I ran sysbench OLTP against a MySQL server on FreeBSD 8 (2-core
Core2Duo 3.0GHz) and varied the number of threads; this is how nmalloc
1.33 fared against nmalloc and jemalloc (in transactions/sec):

Polachok repeated these tests on a 4-core Xeon server (4 core + 4 HTT,
2.6GHz) running DragonFly; here is the improvement, again in


I'd appreciate if people could try these allocator improvements out;
to do so, you can either:
1) Grab and ;run make, you will get a
shared object that you can LD_PRELOAD.
2) Grab and replace
/usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/nmalloc.c ; rebuild world. Your entire system
will use the new allocator.

Kick it around, see if it is faster; see if it explodes in use.

All of this work is also at, in the
nmalloc_mt branch.

I'd also appreciate any code reviews, if anyone is interested.

-- vs

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