I/O errors on Hammer volume

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Tue Apr 13 22:59:05 PDT 2010

:It took almost 2 hours to run but found no errors.
:There was only a few "Debug: pmap_interlock 00010003" lines in dmesg output.
:>     But beyond that, think back about things you might have done
:>     in the past that is outside the norm for HAMMER operations
:>     that might have caused the problem, such as add or remove
:>     a volume or adjust the disklabel or something like that.
:Nothing so extreme.
:I have updated the system to the latest 2.6 a few days ago. I think the
:previous version didn't have the new REDO code.
:I also briefly ran a DragonFly-2.6/x86-64 test installation from another disk
:and used the existing 500GB drive /home PFS. The error messages appeared the
:following day.
:Francois Tigeot
    Hmm.  Maybe there is an issue with 64-bit vs 32-bit use of the same
    HAMMER filesystem.  That hasn't been tested well at all, though
    theoretically it should work just fine.

    I think what I need is a full 'hammer -f <device> show' dump of the
    filesystem.  It will be large, but it should be able to bzip2
    reasonably well.  If you can upload that to leaf I can take a look
    at it.  I also need a list of (a few of the) broken filenames that
    I can track down, including their inode numbers (ls -lia).

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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