[DragongFly Dev] GSoc 2010: Porting puffs to DragonFlyBSD

Nitish Sharma sharmanitishdutt at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 13:10:35 PDT 2010

Hi All,I am a Computer Science 
student and highly interested in making contribution to DragonFly BSD 
project throught GSoc 2010. I have a good experience in
 C, by the work I've done in GNU/Linux kernel development, and right now
 I am working with a group on Android kernel development. I also have, 
relatively less as compared to C, experience in C++, Java and python.
After browsing through the ideas, this one interested me the 
most:- Port FUSE to DragonFlyBSD.
I have reasonable knowledge of filesystems and OS internals. I have already started looking at the PUFFS implementation of NetBSD and trying to come with an initial draft for the proposal.
Please guide and suggest me that what would be
 a good plan of action to go forward with the project and would it be suitable considering the current demands of DragonflyBSD?


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