pkgbox status?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Wed Sep 16 17:53:13 PDT 2009

:I use it sometimes to test some pkgsrc updates and builds. If crater can 
:be used to do pkgsrc builds instead that would be fine. Also okay to do 
:development work on it? Now I just saw I no longer have login to crater 
:(but my passphrase for my key is correct) -- appears to be for git use 
:>     I could throw on a new world & kernel and we can see where that leads.
:That would be nice. I only had a src tree checked out on pkgbox in my home 
:and I had noticed some minor bugs with pkg_search I was going to fix. I 
:will open a bug ticket for now.

    Ok, it sounds like I should keep them as separate machines for now
    then.  Yah, crater mostly only allows git logins (for pushes).  Shell
    access is minimized as a security precaution.

    I will put a new kernel & world on pkgbox.  It will take about two

    Maybe what I should do is move /archive off of pkgbox and onto crater
    so pkgbox is then only used for pkg builds and playing around.  Crater
    is an old machine...  its our last UP box in fact, but it doesn't
    actually need much cpu to handle git and /archive functions.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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