Socket related stuff - patch available for testing

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at
Sun Nov 22 02:05:07 PST 2009

>>    Yah, please upload it.  I can't reproduce it trivially, ssh
>> localhost is working on my test box.
>Uploaded to *.5 on leaf.
>This is a custom kernel (includes INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE);
>I tried to build GENERIC also, to test on that, but buildkernel failed,
>haven't had time to find cause yet
>(so my local repo/checkout might be hosed, or whatever).

GENERIC+SMP (GENERIC w/ SMP & APIC_IO enabled) gives same panic;
only with ipv6, as YONETANI suggested: 'ssh -6 ::1' panics
('ssh -4' works).

Same for GENERIC, after a minor snafu in patch is corrected:
UP kernel doesn't build with patch applied.
(in sys/netinet/udp_usrreq.c udp_connect_oncpu() use has problem)


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