Dragonfly BSD and virtual machine | GSoC 09 ...

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Mar 28 14:26:42 PDT 2009

:Hi Matthew!=20
:           Thanks for your reply.=20
:           It's nice that you think terminal library related idea will be n=
:ice. Yes you're right. We need to write device specific module for this lib=
:rary. This device specific module is must condition when one need to debug =
:device using serial port. Debugging remotely is most wanted thing that embe=
:dded bsd is not supporting easily.=20
:           Do you think that I can go ahead with this idea and make a raw p=
:roposal before submitting to GSoC site for your valuable suggestions?      =
:         =20
:           Waiting for your answer.      =20
:           Thanks again!=20
:--      =20
:Dipak Chirmade,
:H=C3=B6gskolan i Halmstad, SE.=20

    Well, I'm being corrected on IRC re: Valgrind.  People are telling
    me they think its harder then I thought it was, so I guess it's
    a reasonable GSOC project :-).

    We do have kernel gdb-over-serial, or at least we used to (inherited from
    FreeBSD).  It might not be operational in DFly right now.

    The remote debugging idea is still a bit too raw.


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