0byte files after crash

Samuel J. Greear sjg at evilcode.net
Thu Mar 19 17:32:14 PDT 2009

Better might be to work toward fixing the applications. ee has bitten
me a number of times on crash after editing a config file.

One option for ffs might be to have it optimistically flush when load
is low; but to be honest I think fixing the applications is much more


On 3/19/09, Hasso Tepper <hasso at estpak.ee> wrote:
> http://www.h-online.com/open/Ext4-data-loss-explanations-and-workarounds--/news/112892
> Reading this reminded me that I have seen this on DragonFly as well with
> UFS + softupdates. Can we do something about it? and what about HAMMER?
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> Hasso Tepper

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