hammer upgrade changes md5 checksum

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Mon Mar 16 08:22:36 PDT 2009

Michael Neumann wrote:

I did a "hammer mirror-copy /master /slave", then compared a folder
inside of /master with the same folder on /slave:
  cd /master
  tar cf - DIR | md5     # 9472f...
  cd /slave
  tar cf - DIR | md5     # 9472f...
They both have the same md5 checksum. Great!

Now I upgrade the /slave:

  hammer pfs-upgrade /slave

and get a different checksum:

  cd /slave
  tar cf - DIR | md5     # 3613c...
If I downgrade again, I get the same checksum as before (9472f...).

Hm, just curious why this happens and if this might be a bug?
Does this also happen if you access the upgraded /slave with the last @@tid?


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