Academic trip

Bill Hacker wbh at
Sat Mar 7 06:33:34 PST 2009

Sdävtaker wrote:
The Computer Sciences Department of my university is looking for
people around the world to come Argentina and Lecture us for 5 days,
it is a yearly event, usually they get 15-20 professors/researchers.
The event will be around July 24.
If someone is interested and want to come, i can do some paperwork
here to add the proposal.
Hope someone can bring the BSD spirit here! :-)
See ya.
'page two' - are they offering anything beside an audience?

i.e. bed, meals, travel..?

If there are a plethora of rich folks in *BSD-land, they are at best 
'scarce on the ground', and that is a long-haul flight from anywhere not 
already in Mercosur.

I'd go further and say that the best and brightest *BSD'ers are the 
*least* affluent...

And, yes - I know Argentina, however vibrant - is not a land flush with 
cash, either.

I *have* been there.


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