priv(9) - Removal of PRISON_ROOT flag

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Jul 13 01:06:16 PDT 2009

Hi all,

The PRISON_ROOT flag is gone now, which could be passed to 
priv_check_cred() to allow a privilege within a jail (this meant that
the root user within a jail was allowed to perform a certain operation).

As such, what is allowed within a jail was spread over all calls to 
priv_check_cred(). This knownledge is now defined purely within 
prison_priv_check(), which checks whether a given privilege is allowed
within a jail or not (this function should not be called directly! it is 
called by priv_check_cred()).

So for example if you want to know whether raw IP sockets are allowed 
within a jail, simply take a look at prison_priv_check(), where you will
see the following code:


       case PRIV_NETINET_RAW:
               if (jail_allow_raw_sockets)
                       return (0);
			return (EPERM);
Then do a search over the whole source tree for PRIV_NETINET_RAW to see
where this privilege is requested.


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