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Sdävtaker sdavtaker at
Fri Jan 23 04:16:35 PST 2009

The link in home page to download the 2.0.1 is broken.
Can u please fix it?

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Simon 'corecode' Schubert
<corecode at> wrote:
> Claes Wallin wrote:
>> Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
>>> I've posted some material and links for maintaining
>>> as an ikiwiki installation.
>>> If you are a developer who wants to fix up parts of the site not under
>>> /doc, tell me your login ID and I can set it so you can change other
>>> parts.  When creating an account, please try to match your leaf login, to
>>> make tracking easier.
>>> Is there any objection to having a hook to send emails on change to
>>> commits@, similar to our 'main' repo?
>> Is there any way for mere mortals to access the .git of the website? It
>> would provide a good example on how to set things up, plus it would enable
>> future contributions from people without commit access, which is arguably in
>> the spirit of distributed revision control.
> It would be even better if people just could use the wiki without having to
> worry about submitting patches, I think.  Currently doc/ is open and the
> rest is only for registered users, but depending on the spam volume, etc. I
> guess we might be able to open up the whole page at some distant point.
> cheers
>  simon
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