DCBSDCon booth or handouts?

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Sun Jan 11 19:19:24 PST 2009

Justin C. Sherrill schrieb:
Is anyone willing to man a DragonFly booth at DCBSDCon?  Barring that, a
pamphlet or CD for the giveaway bags?.
Can someone provide a pamphlet or burn some CDs or DVDs?  The LiveDVD
would be perfect, but I don't know if it's ready/affordable.  Jason Dixon
said he's be happy to stuff whatever we provide him into bags for the
conference, but we need to actually get it to him.
Justin, I can create and send you an ISO of the LiveDVD that has a 
current world/kernel and packages from the pkgsrc-current build you did, 
if that helps.

I'll have it ready during the week.



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