New year, new site, new wiki

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Wed Jan 7 06:31:32 PST 2009

On Wed, January 7, 2009 12:34 am, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>    Editing is still an issue.  I like the idea of confirmed DragonFly
>    developers being allowed to edit the site via the web, if that is
>    possible.  We will probably have to split the docs section into
>    a freeform section and a locked section that only confirmed developers
>    can edit.

All the pages can be edited by anyone with commit access.  Web editing is
right now limited to /docs/*.  Everything that's in docs/ now is material
from the wiki, so we're not "exposing" anything new.  (you can write
"PageSpecs" that specify what can and can't be edited.)

The login for editing via the web is separate from developer logins; it
uses its own system or OpenID ( to handle logins.  There
is a separate plugin that can use checkpassword (or potentially
checkpassword-pam, now that Peter's committed so much PAM work) to
DragonFly) to authenticate against existing accounts on the machine, which
would make having a leaf account the barrier to entry.  We'd want to set
up https, though, and I don't really like the machine logins flying about
over the net, even over https.

Everyone seems OK with this, so my plan is:
- finish remaining changes people have suggested (handbook cleanup, etc.)
- Copy bare repository from to crater
- Copy working repository to leaf
- Install ikiwiki on leaf
- Configure ikiwiki to use working repo on leaf
- Configure ikiwiki to write out actual site on NFS share on crater
- Configure ikiwiki to run CGI for editing on leaf
- Step 3: Profit!

Hopefully done by this weekend, depending on life.  I'll write up a
document describing how to work with it all, too.

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