C++ in the kernel

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Sun Jan 4 15:17:23 PST 2009

Am 04.01.2009 19:26, schrieb Pieter Dumon:
> It's just political, there's pros and cons for everything.
> Its not because LT says something that it's true.
Oh, I love Linus for his "strong opinions". He makes me laugh :)

> Some people have demonstrated nice work in C++ (e.g. some L4 variants).
> Whatever language you use, it all comes down to using it properly.
> But if your whole kernel is written in C, better to leave it at that :-)
> The worst thing you can do is mix and match C and C++ I think - that
> would be really crappy.
Yep, that is what I was thinking too. Mixing C and C++ is not nice. The
two languages are still too different is some aspects. Nevertheless
generics (i.e. C++ templates) and some form of subtyping could really
help to make C a better, more expressive language. Cyclone [1] seemed to
be a good candidate, but then it's nearly dead.


[1]: http://cyclone.thelanguage.org/

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