New year, new site, new wiki

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Sun Jan 4 07:28:07 PST 2009

Petr Janda schrieb:
Speaking as a professional web designer I might actually have some time this 
year to spew out a new website for DragonFly. That is if people don't mind 
RoR. Ive had a lot of success with it in commerce.
Hm, I think the static approach (having statically generated HTML pages 
in git) would fit better to DragonFly than dynamically generated pages 
using RoR (Ruby on Rails). It's faster, simpler, less dependencies,
no database etc.

Having the ability to fix a webpage from the command line (using 
vim+git) is also nice, which you can't when using RoR.

PS: I had success with RoR as well, despite I don't like it ;-)



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