New instructions for using git to track the DragonFly repo

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Mon Jan 19 12:44:43 PST 2009

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    The repo has not changed but I've found a simpler set of instructions
    for checking out and managing it.   I did split a few steps to make
    them more obvious.  I am avoiding the use of git-clone because it hides
    too much of what goes on under the hood.
Of course, for users who don't want to understand what is going on under
the hood, and only intend to update their sources, the best way of doing
so is:
cd /usr && make git-clone

and later

cd /usr && make git-update

	# Create your new source dir
	mkdir -p /usr/src
	cd /usr/src
	git init
	git remote add chlamydia git://
	git remote add crater git://
I do not really advise doing the git init game.  Just do a

cd /usr
git clone git:// src
Also, if you want to avoid stalls due to low bandwidth from crater, simply
stick to another mirror.  They all update every minute, so there is really
nothing to lose.
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