Asus EEE, acpi and nata driver

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Mon Jan 12 12:58:37 PST 2009

Dmitry Komissaroff schrieb:
:Hi All.
:Some update of status.
:After updating acpica to acpica-20081204 and reincluding
acpi_pcix_xx.c :  to acpi module, I can achieve booting in normal mode
with ehci driver. :It is a big advantage, because all usb devices now
working with HiSpeed :rates.
:But there is some caveats: Support of /dev/pci device and pciconf(8)

   Where can we get our hands on the code to help test?
With help from Hasso Tepper patch placed at
I tried that patch and it works great on my Jetway uATX mainboard. With 
the patch applied, the "intr 11 live lock" messages go away (they only 
appear during boot).

With SMP, I still get massive "intr 7 live locks" unless I disable USB 
completely in the BIOS. So it has to do with USB, but on the other hand, 
each time an "intr 7 live lock" message is printed to console, I can 
head the harddisk.

Hoping this patch gets applied after the release.



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