is DragonFly advertising wrong block device to K3B?

Petr Janda elekktretterr at
Thu Jan 1 02:24:13 PST 2009

> /dev/cd0c) will tell us something.  We definitely want /dev/cd0 to operate
> for both audio and data from the burner's point of view.  For mounting
> purposes /dev/cd0a or /dev/cd0c may be required.

I noticed that when I was configuring k3b I had to change permissions on 
another 2 devices: /dev/xpt0 and /dev/pass0

Is /dev/cd0 linked to them?

What is interesting is that k3b autodetcted my burner on SCSI port 3,0,0 and 
automatically set it to /dev/cd0c.

Can someone with C++ knowledge please look into the K3B code and find out 
whats going on?


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