Google Summer of Code 2009

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Sat Feb 7 05:13:27 PST 2009

Hi all,

Google recently announced that there will be a Google Summer of Code
this year.  After our IMO successful participation last year, we should
apply for slots this year as well.  I take the job of being a mentor and
will help Justin with the organizational stuff (if he agrees to take
the job of the project organizer again :).

I created a first page on the web site and added some links to last
years sites.  Stay tuned for more ...

If you are a DragonFly developer, please add your project with a short
description to the page.  Note that being a mentor takes some time, so
you should not be 1000% busy with other work.

If you are a DragonFly user and want to propose your own project, send a
mail to kernel@ with a description.  With some luck, we'll find a mentor
for you ;)



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