DragonFly 2.0 (almost) works on D945GCLF/Intel Atom

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Sep 29 13:45:42 PDT 2008

:That's a total hack ! :/
:slightly modified version of the 8101E. For all intents and purposes,
:the chips are the same, except for Hardware Checksum support. The old
:initialization support for hwcksum isn't the same register, and was
:either removed (because it's a slow NIC) or changed.
:It would be better the contact the HW manufacture and find out the
:correct register. I had this same problem in OpenSolaris but its fixed
:in snv_99 I believe. So you could check our code.
:Edward O'Callaghan.

    Awesome history, Edward!  That sheds light on it for sure.  I'm sure
    Sephe will find it useful.

    I'm going to let Sephe take it from here.  My involvement is primarily
    just to get things booting and at least the basics working.


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