Pre-Alpha patch for a LiveCD with GUI... What next?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Mar 6 09:31:52 PST 2008

:Hi all,
:this is probably as good a moment as any to come out of the forest with 
:this. The patch at
:adds some code to nrelease/ to build a LiveCD with xorg and so on 
:(currently, only the xorg metapackages and fluxbox are added). In order 
:to build one, you need a local dir with the pkgsrc binary packages (see 
:The following commands should then do the trick:

    It looks reasonable, though the package copy has to be tightened
    up a bit I think.

:installed, so a system can be quickly setup by the installer (which will 
:cpdup /usr/pkg). Or should it be a more specialized set of tools? Or 
:even as many packages as possible (Live DVD?). Etc., etc.
:Before continuing on it, I'm really interested in people's input so 
:don't hold anything back, please. :)

    I think this is an excellent time to work up a DVD build and to
    add various 'flavor' extras.  So, e.g.:

	make installer gui gui_extras release dvd

    (All 'dvd' would do is generate a dvd compatible image for burning to
    dvd instead of cd).  I did a quick perusal of what I have on my

    * X
    * Firefox
    * Linux emulation
    * Open Office (linux version)
    * fvwm2
    * xpdf
    * freetype2

    I'd also suggest some image editing tools like gimp, and maybe the KDE
    gui suite.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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