Google Sommer of Code 2008

Sdävtaker sdavtaker at
Tue Mar 4 17:56:35 PST 2008

A cute idea for for GSOC would be to finish the installer.
We were talking about this in my local BUG, we trying to find out how to 
help on that from here.
There is a few missing features in the CD.

   * FDISK, you need to create the slides from another OS before
     install DFBSD, i think port FDisk from FBSD or any *BSD will solve it.
   * Add to the make release a way to add some custom applications to
     the released liveCD (suppose you want to add nmap or ssh or
     something just to use as test disk in some enviroment).
   * Make the installer a little more customizable, and maybe w/ a GUI
     (I like a lot the console approach, but GUI installer will be a
     popularity move, DFBSD w/X makes a Desktop machine work, actually
     im using it that way and really like it).
I think those projects can be done in a SOC by students (like me) with a 
little guide.
Im a lot more interested in things network related and kernel, but i 
dont mind to work on those things, they need to be done some day.
What u think?

Robert Luciani escribió:
Robert Luciani wrote:
Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
On Tue, March 4, 2008 5:23 am, Matthias Schmidt wrote:

Google just announced its Summer of Code for 2008:

I think this would be a great opportunity for DragonFly to participate
as a mentoring organisation.  We could attract new developers and could
get code/work done.  Looking at the SoC results of the other BSDs most
of their projects were a success.  Of course, not all, but a reasonable
percentage.  See [1] and [2].
We've applied in previous years - Jeff Hsu did one year, and I put
together the application last year.  The hardest thing to find was
students (and they are the thing that helps SoC applications a lot, I
Any student volunteers?  We have mentors.


My girlfriend Danwei noted that she would also like partake in the SoC.
She's studying IT here at Chalmers and will join the mailing list shortly.

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