PCI Bios / Interrupt remapping / etc

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Thu Mar 6 19:12:33 PST 2008

Doing a bit of digging here for my long-standing CBB+SIO interupt and 
buffer problem -

one machine I've tested against was an OpenBSD machine, which didn't
always work to handle the cardbus sio card on a PCI cardbus adapter

tuning up some of the device flags in:


seems to have alleviated the problem for that os..

I'm just only starting to get up to speed on how DF handles these types 
of things (namely initial PIC / interrupt layout at boot time device 
enumeration), but am wondering if anyone familiar with this area of the 
code has any comments / advice w/r/t the capabilities of the DF bios 
and the various quirks / fixup mentioned in the link above..

looking to possibly investigate fixing up some of these issues over time.


- Chris

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