panic: assertion: hammer_btree_cmp(cursor->left_bound, &cursor->node->ondisk->elms[0].leaf.base) <= 0 in btree_split_leaf

YONETANI Tomokazu qhwt+dfly at
Sun Mar 2 02:50:14 PST 2008

While trying to find a procedure to reliably reproduce the panic
I reported last time, I caught a different panic (uploaded at
 ~y0netan1/crash/9/ on my leaf account).  I wrote the following shell
script (make sure to edit variables DISKS and MOUNTPT before using this
script or it may trash your system):
  #!/bin/sh -ex

  cd /
  newfs_hammer -L TEST $DISKS
  for i in `seq 1 100`; do
	  mount_hammer $DISKS $MOUNTPT
	  /bin/rm -rf $MOUNTPT/??
	  (set +x; for x in `seq 1 10000`; do echo -n > $MOUNTPT/$x; done)
	  umount $MOUNTPT

And the panic is triggered by rm command.
I'll try to see if it's possible to reproduce the last one without
unmounting then mounting the HAMMER fs.


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