How much are filesystem images trusted?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Jul 19 19:56:07 PDT 2008

:Definitely.  I was just making sure my understanding of the recovery
:code was correct.
:The disk was not "organic"-ly constructed.
:I have a patch up at:
:It consists of two small changes:
: - Check that the tail_size is reported at least the size of a tail
:fifo structure (instead of at least 0) -- this will cause an EIO
:instead of a loop or panic.
: - If an error occured in hammer_recover, an io lock leak caused a
:panic.  I now skip the (last) flush if an error occured during mount.
:This seems safe -- doesn't matter too much, you're screwed at this
:-- Dion

    Another option is to allow the mount (assuming the root inode can
    still be found), but force it into locked read-only mode.

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