HAMMER Update 06-July-2008 - new PDF document

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk
Sat Jul 12 02:00:27 PDT 2008

I like this!

A few notes:
 - Some figures/drawings would help a lot, to get article more accessible
I imagine just very simple examples, eg:
 -- how is a very simple file tree is laid out as B-Trees
 -- which transactions (TIDs) are made some simple sequence of filesystem operations
 - Some more comparison with oher filesystems, there is a little in the performance section
I guess people will ask 'Why another file system?'; you do describe a lot of goals,
but don't  mention that no existing achieves all goals (or watever reason you see as primary).

The simple things:
 - Drop 'CD', spell it out; make me think 'Compact Disc'.
 - there is still a few missing s/then/than/


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