gpt(8) & slice numbers

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at
Fri Jul 18 04:36:07 PDT 2008

>dillon      2008/07/16 18:15:59 PDT
>DragonFly src repository
>  Modified files:
>    sbin/gpt             add.c 
>  Log:
>  In DragonFly, gpt partitions look like slices in /dev, and we match the
>  slice number to the GPT index to avoid confusion.
>  Fix the reporting of the slice in 'gpt add' (it was off by 1).

This means that the first GPT partition is accessed as
DragonFly slice 0, eg ad6s0.

It would be easier for users and more natural, compared to current use of
slice numbers for MBR, that first GPT partition was slice 1;
is this possible?

Otherwise disklabel[64](8) will have to be updated to very carefully describe
different use of slice 0.

PS: Now I can at least get GPT working ;-)

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