Patch for inode SLIST conversion

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Wed Jan 30 03:28:14 PST 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:That's the perfect solution!
:Patch appended. _lwkt_trytokref needs the same change, as it might 
:acquire the token as well. I think setting lastref = NULL in 
:lwkt_reltoken is also not absolutely neccessary, but it's not wrong
:either, so I did it.
:   Michael
> [...]
    This will require some surgery, would you like to have a go at it?  
    Despite the work needed it won't actually complicate the code any more,
    it's more on the order of a rearrangement.
Definitively :)

I am working on it. I had to become familiar with the LWKT scheduling 
code first. I like it's conceptual simplicity/elegance. While reading 
the code I noticed that one thing that makes the whole code harder to 
read is all those "#if SMP" lines. Everytime you have to flip a switch 
in your mind (my changes won't change that).



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