Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Sun Jan 6 22:56:51 PST 2008

Magnus Eriksson wrote:
On Sun, 6 Jan 2008, Bill Hacker wrote:

FWIW, anyone NOT tracking ~d.commits, at least to scan subjects, could get 
the (false, IMNSHO) impression that the project had stalled.
   I don't, because the impression has been "commits?  That's for 
developers obviously.".
Perhaps. but even just checking the subjects only  - and the rate of posts - 
give a warm feeling.

   Still doesn't look stalled, but are you saying people (meaning 
even regular users) should be subscribed?  If so, you might want to, um, 
*make an announcement*.

No - 'd.users' and 'ANNOUNCEMENT' in the subject should suffice...

   By the way, this discussion, like most of them, is happening on kernel, 
even though it's not kernel related at all.  Perhaps it's time to think 
about what lists are needed and how they should be named?  Then again, 
it's all pretty low volume anyway, and you could tell people to just 
subscribe to all of them for now.


Part of what I meant. Should at least have been on 'd.users' - but that has 
near-zero traffic soem weeks..


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