cvs commit: src/usr.bin Makefile src/usr.bin/pkg_radd Makefile pkg_radd.1

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Sat Jan 5 15:46:43 PST 2008

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
mk.conf is supposed to hold settings for pkgsrc.  It doesn't matter that
it's a make file.  Also, we know where it is:
I know, I'd like to use it.  It does matter that it is a make file, 
because I can't source is from shell.
That's the livecd etc, default /etc doesn't contain a mk.conf.

Even if we wanted to change that (it probably should be in
$LOCALBASE/etc/mk.conf, as it's a pkgsrc thing), it's easier to change
that install location than to add a new utility and config file.
The problem is that we don't know where $LOCALBASE is.  This is compiled 
into the pkg_* tools.

pkg_radd is a good idea; I'm all for making it easier to install things. 
I'm pointing out that we have an easy way to do this already.
It might seem easy, but it's not really...


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