Naive HAMMER question

Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at
Sun Jan 13 15:45:18 PST 2008

Hello Matt,

Just had a fight with ext3fs/FreeBSD/Win2K running on the same
computer with not-fully-cp866-compliant Ukrainian filenames.
The problem is old enough and several approaches are known, most of
them are local fs oriented (like "just use the same charset
everywhere"). But HAMMER is network/cluster/multisystem oriented, so
different charsets are in use on different nodes, or even different
users requires different charsets at the same time even locally.

So, answer please these couple of questions:

1. Will HAMMER carry any charset/language info for non-ASCII filenames?
2. Will it map on-disk names to user-defined charset in any way?

I'd preffer having UTF8 names on-disk (at least it will work for me
and most of other people, I think).
Upper layers could specify their one-byte charsets if needed and
provide names translation on their own.

Your vision?

PS. I'm not an expert on FS/i18n issues.
Dennis Melentyev

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