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Yury Tarasievich wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 23:16:20 +0200, Bill Hacker <wbh at> wrote:
>> Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
>>> Bill Hacker <wbh at> wrote:
> ....
>> Mind - there is more to it than just the rm or the globbing issue.
>> The larger picture is a new set of predictable CLI tools for
>> large/heavily populated fs that can be safely called from <wherever> -
>> GUI's included.
> Bill, won't it be more productive if you sketched at least the crude outline of specification of what you envision and published it on dfly wiki?
> -Yury

In retrospect - certainly - and I'll try to make the time within the 
next week or so to do just that.

I have to admit, that as is the case with most 'long ago and far away' 
[former ] old-fart] coders, I had - as is now obvious - come to take the 
'convenience' of the good work done by so many others for granted, and 
had lost track of these sort of limitations long since.

Mea Culpa - I had no wish to start a distracting side trip.

That said, I remain surprised that others haven't already said, and 
sooner, rather than later, words to the effect:

'Yes, historical reasons quite aside, these common and frequently needed 
tools can too often be more arcane than they need to be'.

Simon's (eventual) code snippet the most concrete step - and, to date, 
also the most objectively delivered -  graciously sans commentary he 
must have had to bite his keyboard to resist ...




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