Globbing (was Re: HAMMER update 10-Feb-2008)

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at
Tue Feb 12 06:10:17 PST 2008

Chris Turner wrote:
> Dave Hayes wrote:
>> I still think my MH side case is a good example of wanting more argument
>> space, but most of you here have never heard of MH. Maybe HAMMER will
> Perhaps, as an "educator", I will educate you on the word 'assume':
> assume: makes an Ass out of U and Me
> For example:
> If you're still using MH-style mailboxes, <- assumption
> you've probably never heard of Maildirs. <- making Ass of U and Me
> Please keep the trolling to a minimum no matter how annoying the thread
> gets.. it makes us all get irritable and waste time on schlock like this
> exchange..

Excuse me, what?  You just said "ass".  Nobody else was trolling before.

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