Globbing (was Re: HAMMER update 10-Feb-2008)

Dave Hayes dave at
Mon Feb 11 14:44:57 PST 2008

Oliver Fromme <check+jw3d8200rsws01gl at> writes:
> I don't see any advantage.
> And there's clearly a disadvantage:  People will increase
> the limit to "fix" their broken scripts and Makefiles.
> Or even worse, they will write scripts that are broken
> from the start, and they won't even notice.

One can also argue that the mechanism is broken becuase it doesn't
dynamically allocate enough memory to handle the result of an argument
expansion in these days where 64KB is not a lot of memory.

> In fact it wouldn't be a bad idea to _lower_ the limit,
> so people become aware of the bugs and have an incentive
> to really fix their scripts.
. ..   
> PS:  No, that last suggestion wasn't meant to be serious.

But it illustrates why the limit will never change. Innovation? We don't
need it! There will always be limits! ;)
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