HAMMER update 06-Feb-2008

Ivan Voras ivoras at FreeBSD.org
Wed Feb 6 16:31:25 PST 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:

    * Get rid of the A-list's (the recursive bitmap radix tree allocation
      model).  Poof, gone.  All of them, gone.  Have no random block
      allocation model at all.
    * Get rid of the per-cluster B-Tree's.  Instead have just one global
      B-Tree for the entire filesystem, able to access any record anywhere
      in the filesystem (currently a per-cluster B-Tree can only access
      information within that cluster).
    * Implement the filesystem as one big huge circular FIFO, pretty much
      laid down linearly on disk, with a B-Tree to locate and access data.
How will this affect parallel IO (reads, but especially writes)? Would 
having such a global structure serialize it? (I'm assuming, possibly 
wrongly, that having trees per-cluster allowed you to lock individual 

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