dma user config

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 3 13:23:15 PST 2008

:thinking about it, I don't think we should have a per-user config for dma=
:  It doesn't really work out when using aliases and forwarding.
:some cron job running as "nobody" mails output.  You have an alias line
:nobody: myuser
:myuser: myrealuser at
:now if you have a smarthost in your per-user config, how should dma ever =
:access this file?  I don't want dma to be setuid root.
:Postfix and sendmail usually assume one smarthost and one user/password.
:   simon

    That isn't a smarthost.  That's a forwarding address.  The MTA delivers
    to using its config, either smarthosting it through some
    specifically configured smarthost like or doing MX
    lookups and delivering it itself.


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