dma user config

Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Sun Feb 3 10:41:54 PST 2008

Sorry, have to reply myself ...

* Matthias Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> * Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
> > hey,
> > 
> > thinking about it, I don't think we should have a per-user config for dma.  It 
> > doesn't really work out when using aliases and forwarding.
> Both have advantages and disadvantages.  To be honest:  I don't care
> about :)  If nobody objects I can remove it ...

If we remove the $HOME/.dma support, we assume only one admin is
present.  So we could change the rights of the files in /etc/dma to
root:mail mode 640.  This would prevent additional users on the same
system to spy on admins SMTP login data.  Comments?


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