Asus EEE, acpi and nata driver

Dmitry Komissaroff aunoor at
Mon Dec 22 23:13:30 PST 2008

>Quick test in my Thinkpad X61s. Most of stuff even works, but if_em
Hm... It's very strange... if_em work for me...
>ehci deadlock the system. Verbose dmesg (without sound, usb and if_em)
>is attached.
Can you compile ehci with USB_DEBUG defined and send me dmesg output?
Or at least last string from ehci driver. And same from if_em with
DEBUG_x defined.

And when deadlock happend, can you enter to debugger prompt? If can,
please send me trace list.

And if it not be hard for you, I need a `devinfo -v` output too.

Thanks for bugtesting. :)

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